Kits for the Homeless

We have rescheduled!!!

You are invited to a "sorting party" at 6:30 p.m. Monday,August 4th downstairs at St. Vincent de Paul Church to sort all the hygiene items parishioners have donated into separate bags for the homeless. It will be lots of fun, probably won't take more than an hour, and we'll have ice cream and lemonade as treats. 

Our parishioners who planned the Lenten series of
talks about hunger have been inspired to help Rochester's
homeless and are asking all parishioners to join in.
Please drop any or all of the following items in the
drop boxes marked KITS FOR HOMELESS at each of
our parishes. The items will go into hygiene kits for the
homeless. You are invited to clip this out and take it to
the store the next time you shop.
Shampoo/conditioner--such as travel-sized Pert
which combines both
Small deodorant
Toothbrush/small toothpaste
Lip balm, such as Blistex
Small bar soap or liquid soap
Travel-size Kleenex
1 pair of men's socks
We'll gather these and invite anyone who's interested
in sorting these items for distribution. Then we will
work with St. Mary's Church in downtown Rochester to
get these to homeless people.
Please will you help? Contact Deacon Matt at Many thanks in advance!


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